April Books 17) Sick Building, by Paul Magrs

This is a Tenth Doctor and Martha novel, set on a wilderness world where a crazed scientist and his family are holding out against a monstrous creature which is devouring the planet’s entire surface, helped by a domestic computer (which is also derganged). I thought it was a pretty poor effort. I hate cute robots, and this book has too many of them; Magrs is self-conscious in his writing down to the presumed young reader’s level, and the prose style is pretty awful; his characterisation of the Doctor is annoying and inconsistent; and the monster is called, I kid you not, the Voracious Craw. One to skip. (I think I got it for 50p on eBay.)

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  1. steepholm says:

    I take a lot of his points, but I’m not sure what he’s getting at with No. 8: “If House of Lords reform is going to create just another house of party hacks, what’s the point?”

    If this is an argument against introducing democracy into the House of Lords, it’s no less an argument against retaining it in the House of Commons. In fact, it seems to mean “You can’t trust people to choose their own rulers.” It’s a point of view, and maybe a defensible one, but I wish people would just come out and say it. (Also, the House of Lords is already stuffed with party hacks.)

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