April Books 8) Banner of Souls

8) Banner of Souls, by Liz Williams

Basically very good. Teetered on the edge of being too complex for late-night reading (I seem to have spent most of the last week feeling very sleepy) but I managed. Far future setting, almost all characters are women (hardly any men left alive), vibrant Mars vs failing Earth, nanotechnology, advanced military tech and also raising the dead. Will buy more by her.

One thought on “April Books 8) Banner of Souls

  1. ‘the new DUP seat of East Londonderry would become a marginal ‘.No it won’t.
    Because by the next westminster election, Gregory Campbell will have been this constituency’s incumbent MP for 15 years and I think you’ll find that the nationalist vote in East Londonderry significantly underperforms its potential strength,especially in coleraine and portrush/portstewart.
    A few republican rural areas of Magherafelt council bolted on cannot overcome a long incumbent MP in a seat were the differential turnout between protestant and catholic voters is significant.Anyhow,the DUP are strong in this seat,for example,they have 3 MLA’s to SF’s 1.

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