As of today, I am a Visiting Professor at Ulster University

I’m very very happy to say that today marks the beginning of my four-year appointment as Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences, INCORE with links to the Institute of Research in the Social Sciences (IRiSS) at the Magee and Jordanstown campuses of Ulster University.

It is a very part-time assignment, though I will give at least one guest lecture/seminar a year to staff/students or the general public. The first of these will be on Monday 9 March at the Belfast campus of Ulster University. I understand that it is already pretty heavily subscribed, which is encouraging.

This has no effect on my day job in Brussels, other than helping to strengthen links between academe and the private sector in public affairs. Colleagues at work have been gratifyingly positive about it. I may start putting “Professor” on my business cards, though!