Best Novelette Hugo 2024

“Ivy, Angelica, Bay” by C. L. Polk

Second paragraph of third section:

“Jael Brown.”

“The Year Without Sunshine” by Naomi Kritzer

Second paragraph of third section:

“Maybe someone in the suburbs has an electric tiller they’d trade,”
Lem said. We’d started tearing up yards with spades, and it was slow
going, although at least we weren’t putting buried utility lines at risk.

I AM AI by Ai Jiang

Second paragraph of third section:

Atop the entrance of the café are the flickering neon aqua letters of Mao Tou Ying and the wired image of an orange owl sitting on top of “Tou” as though perched on a tree, the wavering colour making it seem like it’s on fire. Sometimes only the “Ying” is lit, and without the tonal accent, no one can tell whether it is the “ying” in owl or the “ying” in shadow. Ironically, both fit the establishment.荧光绿色的“Mao Tou Ying”在咖啡店入口上方闪烁,一只紧张不安的橙色猫头鹰踩着“Tou”,仿佛栖息在树上,摇曳的色彩令它看似在燃烧。有时候只有“Ying”被点亮,没有声调,没人能区分它表示猫头鹰的鹰还是阴影的影。讽刺的是,二者都挺适合这家店铺。

“Introduction to 2181 Overture, Second Edition”, Gu Shi

Third paragraph of original Chinese text, with English translation by Emily Jin:

这次改变人类生死观和时间观的革命,只用了三十多年就完成了,现在想来真是令人觉得不可思议。其间当然会有种种议论的声音,反对者、甚至是以恐怖行径来威胁的人,亦为数不少。尤其是当冬眠技术不再是一个问题,其安全性也不再令人怀疑之后,反对的声浪却愈演愈烈,几乎上升到宗教和哲学的层面。当然如今回头去看,这些人不过是各说各话罢了,To be or not to be ,这是一个问题,却永远不会有统一的答案。本书最为可贵之处,就在于作者采用了中立、客观的立场,在对“冬眠”这一议题进行了长期追踪后,她找出那些最关键的、足以改变历史方向的人物,和最特殊的、让人深入思考的案例,再平和地向读者展示出来。It’s incredible that three mere decades were enough for the revolution that reshaped the human perception of life, death, and time. Just like every other revolution, the cryosleep revolution was a hotbed of controversies. Heated debates, opposing voices, terrorists that threatened to end the cryosleep project with violence . . . the war of values only became more heated when the reliability of cryosleep technology and relevant safety measures were no longer questioned by the public. Challengers took the discussion to the level of religion and philosophy. Of course, looking back, most of the debates were merely pundits babbling to their respective echo chamber. To be or not to be is a question impossible to elicit a uniform answer. Therefore, in my humble opinion, the greatest achievement of this book is that the author maintains an impartial stance. Industriously tracking the topic of cryosleep through a series of interviews conducted over an extended period; she pinpoints the most crucial figures who had altered the course of history and the most exceptional and thought-provoking case studies. Then, she delivers the information and her analysis to her readers with a voice
that’s objective and calm.

“On the Fox Roads” by Nghi Vo

Second paragraph of section III:

Driving one-handed, Jack skimmed out of his jacket and passed it back to me. I wrapped his jacket thick around my arm and knocked out the shards of glass from the frame, pushing them out onto the road behind us where they glittered briefly before they were lost to the darkness.