Boycott analysis

Difficult to be sure, but I reckon sixteen people off my friends list, plus me, participated in the boycott of livejournal on Tuesday. (I also saw comments from roughly the same number of people on my friends list to the effect that they felt livejournal are in the wrong, but were not going to do the boycott thing, and from one or two who felt that livejournal are in the right.)

I won’t identify anyone, but I found it very interesting that ten out of those seventeen people are men and seven women (compare the roughly 2:1 ratio the other way of livejournal as a whole, my f-list being much the same); eight are older than me, and eight younger – one born in 1985, the others all in 1973 or before (compare 98% of livejournal users, and 80% of my f-list, claiming to be younger than me); and while I don’t know about all of them, I do know that more than half are not parents. Six of the seventeen have free accounts; two are on sponsored; five, including me, on ordinary paid accounts; and four are Permanent users.

More later, perhaps.

One thought on “Boycott analysis

  1. Strictly speaking the Internet (i.e., flag day for the migration from NCP to TCP/IP) was Jan 1, 1983).

    Archie was 1990, and god help me I still use it for shits and giggles, Gopher was 1991.

    I did smirk at the imagine one hundred years from now… Ah, they were so pessimistic..

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