BSFA Best Art longlist

More on the BSFA long lists: 28 works of art are listed in the Best Art category, but no links are given, so I'm supplying them here. Of the 28, 13 or 14 are book covers (in one case it isn't clear); 6 are art installations; 4 are standalone graphics; two are graphic stories, and two are short films. I have tracked down all but one of them (and am a bit surprised that I couldn't find that one in particular, for reasons noted below. Found it).

My other notes on this year's BSFA long lists:
Short fiction
Novel and YA

Black Corporeal (Between This Air), by Julianknxx Short film
Brick Lane Foundation, by Abbas Zahedi Art installation
Build or Destroy, by Rashaad Newsome Short film
Cover of Danielle Lainton & Louise Coquio (eds)'s Pashtarina's Peacocks: For Storm Constantine, by Ruby Publisher's webpage
Cover of Eugen Bacon's Danged Black Thing, by Peter Lo / Kara Walker Publisher's webpage
Cover of Eugen Bacon's Saving Shadows, Elena Betti / Ian Whates Publisher's webpage
Cover of Freda Warrington and Liz Williams' Shadows on the Hillside, by Danielle Lainton [NB credited author is Storm Constantine; Warrington and Williams are contributors] Publisher's webpage
Cover of Jamie Mollart's Kings of a Dead World, by Heike Schüssler Publisher's webpage
Cover of Rian Hughes' The Back Locomotive, by Rian Hughes Publisher's webpage
Cover of Rosa Rankin-Gee's Dreamland (artist’s name not given) Publisher's webpage
Cover of Shift #3, by Mark Montague Publisher's webpage
Cover of Shift #7, by Ian D Paterson Publisher's webpage
Cover of Simon Jimenez's The Vanished Bird (2021 paperback edition), artist’s name not given Publisher's webpage
Cover of Suyi Davies Okungbowa's Son of the Storm, by Dan dos Santos / Lauren Panepinto Publisher's webpage
Cover of The Year's Best African Speculative Fiction Anthology, Maria Spada Publisher's webpage
Cover of Xueting Christine Ni (ed.)'s Sinopticon, by Bradley Sharp Publisher's webpage
Exhibition at 180 The Strand, by Ryoji Ikeda Art installation
Flyaway, by Kathleen Jennings [I guess nomination is for the cover? Though there seem to be a few internal illustrations as well.] Publisher's webpage
Late Hangout at Zuko's, by Devin Elle Kurtz [appears to be collaboration with Gustavo Silvestre] On Twitter
MILK, by STREF (Stephen White) Graphic stories. Publisher's webpage
Morando, by a'strict Art installation, video here
Narrow Escape, by Larry MacDougall Artist's webpage
Renaissance Generative Dreams: AI Cinema, by Refik Anadol Art installation
Rupture No. 1, by Heather Phillipson Art installation
Shift Pin-Up, by Warwick Fraser-Croombe [seems to be the work listed by publisher as "Shift Montage Poster" by Warwick Fraser-Coombe, not "Fraser-Croombe"] Publisher's webpage
The Scottish Green Lady (for Glasgow in 24) [actually "The Glasgow Green Woman"], by Iain Clarke On Twitter
This Is The Future, by Hito Steyerl Art installation
Viscera, by Allissa Chan Graphic story. Author's webpage

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