BSFA Non-fiction long list

OK, I've probably spent way too long on this, but here's where to get the BSFA Non-Fiction award nominees. NB that I have changed the quirky alpapetisation of the BSFA annoucnement to my own quirky alphabetisation. NB also that I link to Amazon for convenience, and because of course I get a minuscule bounty if you buy anything from tose links. I have to say that one or two of these are beyond my budget.

My other notes on this year's BSFA long lists:
Short fiction
Novel and YA

"The Anthropocene in Frank Herbert's Dune Trilogy", by Tara B.M. Smith Foundation; The International Review of Science Fiction. 2021, 50 (3), 62-75
The Anthropocene Unconscious: Climate Catastrophe in Contemporary Culture, by Mark Bould Book, £10.99 from Amazon
Blake's 7 Annual 1982, eds Grahame Robertson and Carole Ramsay Book – I nominated this, go get it here for £43.72!
Cyberpunk Culture and Psychology: Seeing Through the Mirrorshades, by Anna McFarlane Book, £109.10 from Amazon
Debarkle, by Camestros Felapton Book available for free here
Diverse Futures: Science Fiction and Authors of Colour, by Joy Sanchez-Taylor Book, £25.09 from Amazon
Extraterrestrial, by Avi Loeb Book, £8.19 from Amazon
Gendering Time, Timing Gender, by PM Biswas Book, £12.99 from Amazon
The History of Science Fiction: A Graphic Novel Adventure, by Xavier Dolla, illus. Djibril Morissette-Phan Book, £17.99 from Amazon
The Importance of Being Interested, by Robin Ince Book, £13.34 from Amazon
"Manifestos of Futurisms", by Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction. 2021, 50 (2), 8-23
Octothorpe Podcast, by John Coxon, Alison Scott, and Liz Batty Website here
"On Writing Narratives, Questioning Standards, and Oral Traditions in Storytelling", by K. S. Villoso Online here
"Science Fiction and the Pathways out of the COVID Crisis", by Val Nolan Online here
Science Fiction in Translation, by Ian Campbell Book, £115.76 from Amazon
Science Fiction: A Guide for the Perplexed, by Sheryl Vint [seems to have been puiblished in 2014?] Book, £16.56 from Amazon
"Seduced, by the Ruler's Gaze: An Indian Perspective on Seth Dickinson's Masquerade", by Sid Jain Online here
Space Forces: A Critical History of Life in Outer Space, by Fred Scharmen Book, £13.29 from Amazon
"Speculative Sex: Queering Aqueous Natures and Biotechnological Futures in Larissa Lai's Salt Fish Girl", by Sarah Bezan Chapter from Ecofeminist Science Fiction: International Perspectives on Gender, Ecology, and Literature, ed. Douglas A. Vakoch, £109.10 from Amazon
Star Warriors of the Modern Raj: Materiality, Mythology and Technology of Indian Science Fiction, by Sami Ahmed Khan Book, £52.10 from Amazon
Storylistening, by Sarah Dillon and Claire Craig Book, £29.61 from Amazon
A Swim in a Pond in the Rain, by George Saunders Book, £9.34 from Amazon
World of Warcraft: New Flavors of Azeroth, by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel Book, £18.45 from Amazon
Worlds Apart: Worldbuilding in Fantasy and Science Fiction, ed. Francesca T Barbini Book, £15.99 from Amazon
"Writing the Contemporary Uncanny", by Jane Alexander Essay in The Flicker Against the Light and Writing the Contemporary Uncanny, £12.99 from Amazon

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