BSFA Short Fiction long-list

I've definitely spent more time on this than I should, but here's how to get (most of) the 60 long-listed stories nominated for the BSFA Short Fiction Award for 2021. Yes, yes, Amazon, I know, but I get a very small bonus if you buy anything from those links. And I've changed to my own version of alphabetical order.

I've raised a couple of eligibility queries below which came up in my research. Apologies if the administartors already considered those questions. No blame also if they have not – I am very appreciative of the amount of effort that goes into administering awards like these…

My previous notes on this year's BSFA long lists:
Novel and YA

"The Abomination", by Nuzo Onoh The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction Sep/Oct 2021
Advanced Triggernometry, by Stark Holborn £2.99 from Amazon
"The Alien Invasion", by Ely Percy Shoreline of Infinity, Nov 2021
"The Alien Stars", by Tim Pratt Title story of collection with the same name, £8.46 from Amazon
"The Andraiad", by Tim Major Interzone, #290-291, Mar/Jun 2021
"An Array of Worlds as a Rose Unfurling in Time", by Shreya Anasuya Strange Horizons, 13 Dec 2021, available here
"The Best Damned Barbershop in Hell", by Bruce Arthurs Things With Feathers: Stories of Hope, ed Juliana Rew, £7.82 from Amazon
"A Blind Eye", by M. H. Ayinde Daily Science Fiction, 28 May 2021, available here
"The Center of the Universe", by Nadia Shammas Strange Horizons, 29 Mar 2021, available here
"The Chorus", by Aliya Whiteley Out of the Darkness, ed. Dan Coxon, £8.75 from Amazon
Clockwork Sister, by M.E. Rodman
"The Constellation of Alarion", by John Houlihan Title story of collection with the same name, £7.99 from Amazon
"Dog and Pony Show", by Robert Jeschonek Clarkesworld, Dec 2021, available here
"Down and Out under the Tannhauser Gate", by David Gullen ParSec #1, Autumn 2021
"Dream Eater", by Nemma Wollenfang Things With Feathers: Stories of Hope, ed Juliana Rew, £7.82 from Amazon
"Dreamports", by Tlotlo Tsamaase Apex Magazine, 20 Dec 2021, available here
"Efficiency", by Paolo Bacigalupi Cities of Light: A Collection of Solar Futures, eds Joey Eschrich and Clark A. Miller, available hereavailable here.
"The Failing Name", by Eugen Bacon and Seb Doubinsky Fantasy Magazine Aug 2021, available here
"Fanfiction for a Grimdark Universe", by Vanessa Fogg Translunar Travelers' Lounge, 15 Feb 2021, available here
"The Farmers and the Farmed", by William C. Powell The Antihumanist #1
Fireheart Tiger, by Aliette de Bodard £6.84 from Amazon
"First Person Singular", by Haruki Murakami Title story of collection with the same name, £8.79 from Amazon
Fish, by Ida Keogh £9.99 from Amazon
"Flight", by Innocent Chizaram Ilo Fantasy Magazine Feb 2021, available here
Flyaway, by Kathleen Jennings £11.40 from Amazon
"The Forlorn Hope", by Verity Holloway Out of the Darkness, ed. Dan Coxon, £8.75 from Amazon
The Future God of Love, by Dilman Dila £8.98 from Amazon
"The Ghosts of Trees", by Fiona Moore Shoreline of Infinity, Jun 2021
"The Graveyard", by Eleanor Arnason Uncanny Magazine Jul/Aug 2021, available here
"Her Garden, the Size of Her Palm", by Yukimi Ogawa The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Jul/Aug 2021
"The Hungry Dark", by Simon Bestwick Out of the Darkness, ed. Dan Coxon, £8.75 from Amazon
"If The Martians Have Magic", by P. Djeli Clark Uncanny Magazine Sep/Oct 2021, available here
"Immersion", by Aliette de Bodard [seems to have been published in 2012, when it was on the BSFA shortlist, won the Nebula and Locus and second place for the Hugo] Clarkesworld Jun 2012, available here
"Just Enough Rain", by PH Lee GigaNotoSaurus, May 2021, available here
"The Lay of Lilyfinger", by G.V. Anderson, available here
Light Chaser, by Peter F Hamilton and Gareth L Powell £8.25 from Amazon
"The Man Who Turned Into Gandhi", by Shovon Chowdhury [first published in India in 2019, but first UK publication was in 2021] New Horizons: The Gollancz Book of South Asian Science Fiction, ed. Tarun K. Saint, £8.48 from Amazon
"The Mermaid Astronaut", by Yoon Ha Lee [surely 2020 publication? Hugo finalist last year] Beneath Ceaseless Skies, 27 Feb 2020, available here
"Metal Like Blood in the Dark", by T. Kingfisher [surely 2020 publication? Won Hugo last year] Uncanny Magazine Sep/Oct 2020, available here
"The Metric", by David Moles Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, May/Jun 2021
The Museum [not "Musuem"] For Forgetting, by Peter M Sutton £4.63 from Amazon
O2 Arena, by Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki [published in 2022 issue of Apex Magazine, though I guess it was available last year] Apex Magazine #129, Jan 2022, available here
"The Plus One", by Marie Vibbert The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, May/Jun 2021; available here (PDF)
Prime Meridian, by Silvia Moreno-Garcia [seems to have been published in 2018] £9.29 from Amazon
"Proof, by Induction", by Jose Pablo Iriarte Uncanny Magazine May 2021, available here
"The Samundar Can be Any Color", Fatima Taqvi Flash Fiction Online, Apr 2021, available here
"Scars", by Bora Chung Cursed Bunny, £9.74 from Amazon
"Secrets of the Kath", by Fatima Taqvi Strange Horizons, 18 Jan 2021, available here
"Seven Horrors", by Fabio Fernandes Love. An Archaeology, £9.99 from Amazon
"Shutdown/Restart", by Jo Ross-Barrett [not "Ross-Battett'] Shoreline of Infinity, Oct 2021
"The Song of the Moohee", by Emmett Swan Metaphorosis Magazine, May 2021, available here
"Sorry We Missed You!", by Aun-Juli Riddle khōréō magazine #1.4
"The Tale of Jaja and Canti", by Tobi Ogundiran Lightspeed Magazine, Aug 2021, available here
"Things Can Only Get Better", by Fiona Moore Abyss & Apex, 3 Sep 2021, available here
"The Walls of Benin City", by M. H. Ayinde Omenana Speculative Fiction Magazine Issue 1, 21 Dec 2021, available here
"What is Mercy?", by Amal Singh Fantasy Magazine Sep 2021, available here
"White Rose, Red Rose", by Rachel Swirsky Uncanny Magazine Nov/Dec 2021, available here
Worldshifter, by Paul Di Filippo £7.18 from Amazon
"Zeno's Paradise", by E. J. Delaney Things With Feathers: Stories of Hope, ed Juliana Rew, £7.82 from Amazon

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