Celebrity Mastermind

Getting 17 out of 18 questions right on “Sex and the City, Series 3” as your specialist subject is rather naff. The only thing that is more naff is to then get only one question right in the general knowledge round, a sign perhaps that one needs to turn off the television, and read some of these things called books. (Or indeed just look at a map – when the first general knowledge question, “What continent are the Kalahari and Namib deserts in?” elicited a look of horrified incomprehension, I knew Iain Banks was pretty safe.)

Good for Banksie. Though he was taking a wild guess about the Planet Venus.

University Challenge coming up next.

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  1. Indeed, but there’s a limit to how far that can take you, especially if the opposition can get its act together and point out the extent to which the current problems are the fault of Paddy the local FF TD and his friends up in Dublin…

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