One of those days when I really should have just stayed in bed. Kept on missing train connections both going to work and coming home again; and when I stopped for a snack in Brussels North railway station, I went to pick up my laptop after I had finished eating, and realised it was gone.

My brand new laptop, nicked.


It could have been worse. I think of

‘s experience last year, which was considerably worse – at least mine had only two weeks of work on it, and most of the emails are backed up elsewhere. And in any case, it was not as bad as what happened to me in April 1999, shortly after moving to Belgium, when I was mugged at gunpoint in a different railway station – less material loss, but much more of a shock to the system.



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  1. Wow, I didn’t know about this. I can imagine it’s rather an eerie place to visit, given its history.

    ETA: one of the things I find striking about living in Belgium is how we are so surrounded by memories of the World Wars. There are quite a number of bunkers along the canal close to where we live, and there’s one which stands in a field now given over to cows. Life goes on, but the memories stay as well.

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