Doctor Who Confidential

Just watched Saturday’s Doctor Who Confidential, following on the first episode of the new season. The first time I’d ever watched a DW Confidential, as we don’t get BBC3 in Belgium and I have only recently found a way of getting hold of these (and am not really inclined to watch all of last year’s run – we have excerpts on the DVD set after all). Two points leapt out:

1) Good heavens, David Tennant’s real accent! You really would not guess from his Doctor (with slightly odd Estuary English) that he really sounds like that! A real revelation!

2) Anne wonders, why no interview with Billie Piper? I suppose there can’t be an interview with everybody every week; but was she interviewed for the post-“Christmas Invasion” DW Confidential? (And will she be featured next week?)

Other points to note – I thought there was a slight tear in David Tennant’s eye when he said, of choosing his costume, “That was a real TARDIS moment!”

And going back to the actual programme, Billie showed that she can do accents too!

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