First post of each month meme

Now that we are in December, we will all start doing review-of-the-year posts, and as is traditional, I will start with the first post of each month in 2007.

January: Locked post on family situation and my successful job-hunt, followed by unlocked post reviewing a Doctor Who book.
February: Link to my negative review of Robert A Heinlein’s last book.
March: Preview of the Northern Ireland Assembly elections.
April: Links to other people’s thoughts on the previous night’s Doctor Who episode.
May: My son’s drawing of Doctor Who.
June: Where to find me on various social networks.
July: My review of the previous night’s Doctor Who episode.
August: My review of a 1971 Doctor Who story.
September: How nerdy am I?
October: I complain when I appear to have bought the wrong Doctor Who book.
November: Greetings to those I saw at the First Thursday sf meeting in London the previous evening.
December: Reviews of five classic Doctor Who stories.

Hmm, there is a bit of a recurring theme there, isn’t there? Compare with the equivalent post from last year, which cited three book reviews, three posts on international politics, two on my own travels, two on Doctor Who, a meme and a comment on Harlan Ellison’s behaviour at the Worldcon; or the 2005 version, which was also a lot more varied. I calculate that about 20% of this year’s entries have been tagged “doctor who“, so it’s just coincidence that so many of them have been the first ones posted in a particular month!

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  1. That far back, I was the only one, yes. I didn’t go on that particular group often (a lot of that was cross-posted from r.g.f.cyber), but that was me.

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