Friday reading

An Introduction to the Gospel of John, by Raymond E. Brown
An Excess Male, by Maggie Shen King

Last books finished
Night of the Intelligence, by Andy Frankham-Allan
The Republic: The Fight for Irish Independence, 1918-1923, by Charles Townshend
Black Oxen, by Elizabeth Knox
The Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien
The Wonderful Doctor of Oz, by Jacqueline Rayner
Startide Rising, by David Brin
Doctor Who – The Mind Robber, by Peter Ling
The Mind Robber, by Andrew Hickey

Next books
The Idiot Brain: A Neuroscientist Explains What Your Head is Really Up To, by Dean Burnett
Seven Deadly Sins, by Neil Gaiman

One thought on “Friday reading

  1. Shakespeare, of course, also wrote a couple plays whose two halves take place some 20 years apart.

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