In august company

Can anyone tell me anything about these people?

  • Mark Wright, The Stage
  • St John Donald, PFD (and what is PFD, anyway?)
  • Peter Norris, Producer (and is that a job description, or a publication?)

I have a theory but I may be missing something obvious.

One thought on “In august company

  1. I’m always deeply suspicious of anything that asks for your email address, let alone your credentials on other mechanised gossip sites. And those are the ones that tell you about their actions. I’m running a few script blockers, and there’s hardly a web site left that doesn’t use Google Analytics or some of the other usual suspects that pop up.

    Even if you block cookies or sanitise them by throwing them away, there is still enough data that your browser sends to a server (things like OS, screen resolution, browser version and the like), to allow a website to make a fairly good guess as to who you are.

    Websites are really nosy these days, all in order to pimp products at you with maximum efficiency.

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