Ireland thoughts

Highlights from Board meeting:

Mark Eyskens re Benelux, and my reply that I felt uneasy talking about the Benelux in front of him and Wim Kok.

Wes Clark rowing behind my analysis that the troop reduction int he Balkans was driven by the Pentagon not by Brussels.

Gareth liked my line about the Contact Group versus the Great Powers.

Highlights from yesterday:

Farcical inability of UUP and SDLP to meet with me.

Trying to persuade Stephen to allow Euro-candidate to join whatever group necessary.

Peter Robinson’s prediction on SDLP meltdown (courtesy of Tom Kelly)

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  1. stina_leicht says:

    ha! we have this in common. i read the book of lost tales back when it came out. (in fact, i own the whole set of twelve books that were printed over the years later. i suppose it’s thirteen if you count unfinished tales.) i read unfinished tales and then the first volume of the book of lost talesin 1983 but none of the others because my experience was much like yours. but i’m such a tolkien fan that i collected them anyway. knew i’d want to read them eventually. i’ll probably do so soon. i’m older now, and since i write i’m sure it’d be a completely different experience. tolkien is where i learned about world-building, how to use it gracefully, and how amazing it can be in the right hands. (i’m not saying i do use it gracefully, mind you. only that i know how. :))

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