Job opening

A friend of mine is looking to hire someone with the following qualifications (as he gave them to me):

Excellent English, preferably a native speaker
Very good French
Editorial skills
Experience of publishing on-line
Experience of / education in EU justice issues

(That last one seems to me to be the kicker, but I have honestly no idea of the level of expertise being sought – I suspect it may be enough to have studied a course which included EU law, but was not sure of the right question to ask him.)

The job starts 1 September for at least a year; it is based in Brussels. The salary is 1,700 monthly net of tax, plus a car and other perks. (I guess that grosses up to about 35,000? Or perhaps a bit more?)

My friend was a bit vague about the nature of the work; I got the impression that it is a private sector firm which has got an EU contract of some kind, to create a website which will contain easy-to-read summaries of complex EU documents, presumably in the area of “justice issues”. I recommended strongly that he should advertise it publicly, but he said he prefers to put the word out through the various networks, and he was sure I must know someone who fits his requirements.

Well, if you think you fit his requirements or know someone who does, contact me directly (by LJ message, or via the email address on my profile) and I’ll put you straight on to him.

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  1. nwhyte says:

    I understand your reasons for posting anonymously. But I hope you understand that that puts a stronger burden on you to prove good faith by adopting a reasoned approach in your comments.

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