My brother is great

Got home yesterday to find a nice big parcel containing two volumes of U.S. Presidential Candidates and the Elections: A Biographical and Historical Guide by James T. Havel. Wow. That was me gone for the evening. I never knew that:

  • Samuel Clemens (better known as Mark Twain) stood as an Anti-Doughnut candidate in 1880
  • Lyndon B Johnson got an honorary degree at the age of 35 from Southwestern University (I would be very easily bribed with a similar offer).

OK not everyone’s cup of tea but it will give me a number of happy evenings between now and November.

Incidentally I note that Clinton won only one of the first six primaries in 1992 so that may be good news for Edwards or Clark. Of course Clinton then lost only two of the remaining primaries, so I suspect that Kerry has a pretty good chance. Also it’s notable that if the party as a whole makes its mind up fast then there is a much better chance of winning.

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