Career update

And one of the commission officials I saw earlier today is the one whose job I would like to get come the great reorganisation later this year. He reckoned that there would probably be a grand senior commissioner with general external affairs responsibilities, and then Balkans, plus Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and maybe Russia and northern Med would fall in the hands of a junior commissioner for the “Wider Europe”. He actually though that might turn out to be Gunther Verheugen, currently the commissioner for EU enlargement, but I must say I would expect him to get a more senior post if he is re-appointed. The interesting thing will be if it turns out to be Peter Mandelson, who is apparently sniffing after the Trade portfolio; I must say I think he’d be disastrous there, whatever his other talents.

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  1. I’ve just recently watched it for the first time and I come down firmly on the side of weird good.

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