Noted in passing

I am fortunate enough to read many interesting things on my friends list. Here are some of them from the last week to share with you all:

John Scalzi is right (about Catcher in the Rye).

in Yemen.

finds wisdom in MASH.

on mild fame, and on online vs printed reviews.

‘s TLS review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (spoilers).

Speaking of which, has been fortunate enough to receive the “Best Fanmail Evar“.

has been reading Norman’s Gor books, and finds that they have no redeeming features.

Top tip from : don’t leave small children within reach of the handbrake, especially if you have parked on a slope.

on tea.

discovers a personal link with Freema Agyeman.

And finally, is worried about Belgium.

It’s only because I am on holiday that I have the time to acknowledge all these pieces of wisdom (and there are a couple more in unlocked posts which I have really enjoyed reading but won’t link to here, including a fascinating piece about the pros and cons of getting married, and a really offensive cartoon from the Daily Mail). Keep it up folks; I enjoy reading you all.

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