Positively the last post about last night’s Doctor Who (and that only tangentially)

Vaguely wondering where else I’d seen the actress who played Goddard (the evil Van Statten’s assistant), I did a quick IMDB search and realised that a) she’s from New Zealand, not America (which explains one or two slips) and b) she is part of the set-up for one of my favourite lines in a British sit-com, the last episode of the first series of “Faith In The Future” from 1995.

I must say I was not a regular watcher of “Faith in the Future”; it happened to have the Julia Sawalha playing Faith’s daughter Hannah, and I suppose I tuned into this episode by accident one night, realised she was in it and didn’t turn it off. The relevant sub-plot is that Julia Sawalha/Hannah is moving in with her boyfriend. She’s more or less finished unpacking when there’s a knock on the door, and in comes Anna-Louise Plowman/Hannah’s boyfriend’s other girlfriend from Australia, who says something along the lines of “Oh, you must be his room-mate”, grabs the startled duplicitous boyfriend in a lustful embrace, and asks, “Right, which way’s the bedroom?!?”

To which Julia Sawalha delivers, with a venomous glare at the errant boyfriend, the classic line:

The bedroom’s just through there. I’ve finished with it.

I see Anna-Louise Plowman also had a recurring part in Stargate-SG1 (Sarah Gardner/Osiris), but I never saw any of that series; have I missed much?

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