Rescued from a long-dead blog

Spent an hour this afternoon delivering anti-spam missives to MEPs with the help of Herman Beun, Lousewies van der Laan’s assistant, who I met for the first time. Last week’s open letter to Solana on Montenegro has certainly increassed our profile on the question, though the entire issue is somewhat cast into the shade by the Milosevic trial. Various calls with colleagues, and with numerous journalists.

The Ant-Men of Tibet and Bridge of Birds both turned out to be excellent buys. Also really enjoyed a novella by Fritz Leiber in the Lovecraft vein that I picked up in Leuven on Saturday. And have been preparing website for inclusion into QUB. Laborious but rewarding.

One thought on “Rescued from a long-dead blog

  1. Ah-Ha! You’re too quick for me.
    RE: diacritalia – I doubt many people have their keyboards set up to handle these easily.

    At the risk of starting a mega-debate, I’m not sure that the diakritika are not a hold over from the katharevousa period that could effectively be allowed to sink into the mists of time.

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