Saturday reading

Songs of the Dying Earth: Stories in honour of Jack Vance, eds. George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois
Winter Song, by Colin Harvey
SPQR, by Mary Beard
The Joy Device, by Justin Richards

Last books finished
Short Trips: The Solar System, ed. Gary Russell
Companion Piece, by Robert Perry and Mike Tucker

Last week’s audios
And You Will Obey Me, by Alan Barnes
The Victorian Age, by AK Benedict

Next books
AfroSF: Science Fiction by African Writers, ed. Nnedi Okorafor
Kings of the North, by Cecelia Holland
Angels & Visitations: A Miscellany, by Neil Gaiman

Books acquired in last week
Ammonite, by Nicola Griffith
Seventeen, by Booth Tarkington
Valley of the Dolls, by Jacqueline Susann

One thought on “Saturday reading

  1. Well, my favorite Who from this era was the End of Time Part II — I mean, really, how can you beat Timothy Dalton chewing the scenery as Rassilon?

    Of Matt Smith’s debut… well, as I’ve said elsewhere, I think Matt has gotten overall weak scripts. I’m tempted to go with Victory of the Daleks, because, well, Daleks, but I think The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood is the best of this season. But a lot of the most MEMORABLE Smith moments come in other episodes — his epic speech to the Atraxi (“… what happened to THEM?”), his multi-timelined solution to the Pandorica problem, the tearjerking finale of Vincent and the Doctor, etc., and Rory’s becoming the Last Centurion is certainly awesome.

    Worst… Amy’s Choice, I think. That or The Lodger, but that one led to another very fun episode.

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