Speaking ill of the dead

Hmmm, a politician who I vaguely knew died yesterday. I knew him in two different international jobs. In the first he was one of a team of three dealing with a particular conflict resolution process; the other two were much more talented than him, and he had notorious difficulty understanding the local accent. In the second he was on his own, and allowed the situation he had been put in charge of to deteriorate to the point of near disaster. The obituaries will be full of his wonderful achievements in a long career of public service, but I’m sorry that the two points at which I met him were so obviously (and in the second case, lethally) beyond his talents.

1 thought on “Speaking ill of the dead

  1. I just finished that! Lots of fun, and the sinking scene made me laugh out loud with delight. I love that Simon asked to see the explanation several times.

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