Taking a quick break

Forging ahead on the work that Must Be Done before I depart for a long weekend in Macedonia and Kosovo tomorrow morning.

Rather shocked today by news from my Balkan contacts that a couple who are friends of mine have split up acrimoniously, amid a welter of public accusations of domestic violence. Pretty awful circumstances anyway, and then for it to hit the (notoriously bitchy) local press makes it much worse for all concerned. They both worked in the same NGO, and I’d been to several conferences there organised by them, plus taking my entire family out there last summer; happy memories of splashing around with them and their two small children in the hotel swimming pool, and (as is so often the case) I had no idea that there might be any problems.

I see from press reports that he has lost his job for sure, and I’d be surprised if she has stuck around (since she’s from Western Europe in the first place). So since I don’t have a home address for either of them, and the work contacts are presumably no good any more, it will probably be a very long time before I hear from either of them again. An awful shame; he’s a very bright chap but clearly has vicious character flaws, and she is very nice and deserved much better.

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  1. Hope you’re as all right and not too shaken up. What a horrible thing to happen.

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