The Bush twins

I heartily recommend Jessa Crispin’s Bookslut blog to anyone interested in reading, er, books. She has a tantalising little snippet on the Bush twins:

Back when I worked at Austin’s Planned Parenthood, we were a bit obsessed with the goings on of the Bush twins. Everyone had a Jenna Bush story in that town. And if there’s one thing I miss about pre-September 11th media coverage, it’s the regular updates on the girls. (I wonder if the Bush twins blog is still around…) But this excerpt from The Perfect Wife: The Life and Choices of Laura Bush almost makes up for it.

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  1. raycun says:

    I stopped reading Pratchett when they all started blending into one book that I half-thought I’d read before, so I can’t really answer that first one. It’s not that they’re bad, but I see no point in reading further. Which also makes it difficult to answer the poll.
    All of the Gaiman books are flawed, in different ways, but Anansi Boys I couldn’t read past the first few pages. It was just awful. In general, he seems to be happy with being increasingly Gaimanesque, and it strikes me as lazy and self-satisfied.

    Perhaps that’s why I like Good Omens most – collaborating on a novel might not have shaken them out of their comfort zones, but at least the overlap of those zones was more interesting. (I didn’t vote for it though, since I’ve already said that, instead voting for the best x-only books)

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