The HAVOC Files 2, ed. Shaun Russell

Second paragraph of third story ("The Black Eggs of Khufu", by Tom Dexter):

It was the third time he’d asked. Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart’s journey had taken close to a week to reach Cairo, and Ahmed was certain that this fact was about to be brought up again, but the site of the black granite slab proved to be enough of a distraction.

Really enjoying the expanding universe of the hidden history of Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart. This is a collection of short stories and out-takes from the novels, all decent enough, some really memorable – "Ashes of the Inferno" by Andy Frankham-Allen, the overall show-runner (if a book series can have such a person) is a follow-up to the TV story Inferno, and "House of Giants" by Rick Cross is a nice postscript to the First Doctor story Planet of Giants. Best of all is "The Lock-In", by Sarah Groenewegen, set at the end of Lethbridge-Stewart's life and looking back to a forgotten adventure. These wee books are very good value. You can get this one here.

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