The Mists of Time

We lucky subscribers to Doctor Who Monthly get to download this for free from Big Finish’s website: a new Companion Chronicle, filling the gap I guess between the third and fourth seasons of the regular BF releases, starring Katy Manning as Jo Grant: The Mists of Time, by Jonathan Morris. It’s quite a decent story – not up to Morris’s impressive best, but exploits both the audio format, and Manning’s ability to mimic both her own younger self and also Pertwee and the other characters, rather well.(And a second actor, Andrew Whipp, is an incidental future archaeologist whose importance to proceedings only gradually emerges.) The ending was signalled a little too far in advance for my taste, and I didn’t quite buy the Awful Secret of the Time Lords, but I imagine Big Finish will get a few more subscriptions out of this one. (See also Morris’s own notes on producing the play.)

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  1. anonymous says:

    Nicholas, I agree with your proposals that the western Coleraine hinterland should be in N. Antrim/Causeway Coast & that Banagher and Claudy should also be reunited with Derry city at the expense of the three Strabane wards. However,the removal of urban Cookstown from Mid Tyrone into Glenshane/Sperrins seems to create a problem that the rural salient of east Tyrone is removed from both Cookstown and Dungannon- its two main towns. It is because of that unfortunate scenario that your good suggestions about Derry and Coleraine’s hinterlands probably won’t be possible. On another note, bearing in mind the only major objections from the political parties came from the two who are likely to lose an MP, do you think the commission is likely to entertain much change aside from swapping a ward or two here and there?

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