The Parrot’s Theorem, by Dennis Guedj

Second paragraph of third chapter:

Jonathan woke up. How dare someone wake him so early on a Sunday? He opened one eye, like a bulldog, and scratched the spot on his chin. The door between his room and Lea’s was open as usual. The high nasal voice kept talking: ‘Thales walked across the fields with a servant-girl by his side.’

For some reason this was on my pile of unread non-fiction books, though in fact it is a fictional Sophie’s World type of story about three children and a retired bookseller discovering the history of mathematics. There is a rather ridiculous plot involving Fermat’s Last Theorem and gangsters who operate between Brazil and Sicily. It possibly reads better in the original French.

As noted above, it was mistakenly on top of my unread non-fiction pile. Next is The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life, by Erving Goffman.