The Return of Doctor Who

Yes, I am looking forward to it.

I got 14 out of 20 in the Guardian quiz published on Friday.

And I’m preparing myself by reading the SFX Doctor Who special. Highlight so far: Interview with Tom Baker, who is now 71 and has obviously been preparing to be that age for most of his life:

The thing is about awful people like Mary Whitehouse, etc, is that they provide us with the raw material of satire. Most of them are beyond parody, but we try. The real people weren’t as interesting as the puppets on Spitting Image, so they started to behave like the puppets. Roy Hattersley, who didn’t slobber that much, became a slobberer. Mrs Thatcher started smoking cigars…

It’s that last bit of surrealism that takes him out of the territory of cantankerous old codger and into alternative reality.

On a related topic, it’s good to see that even those who are 98% Nerd may know very little of Star Trek!

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  1. ceemage says:

    The Independents got a vote share sufficient for 21 seats, but will win only 19; however since that is essentially the result of two dozen separate races it’s difficult to read much into it.

    Because Independents won’t transfer votes very well (if at all) between each other, I guess that there will inevitably be a mild institutional bias against them in a transfer-based system like STV. (As opposed, of course, to the extreme “grind those pesky impudent non-party candidates into the ground and spit out their cremains” institutional bias of FPTP!)

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