The Time Lord Letters, by Justin Richards

Second paragraph of third letter:

I’m sure that even you will soon notice that I have removed your TARDIS’s Dimensional Controller. I hope that will be a lesson to you about your tiresome meddling.

This is a spinoff anthology of 128 letters that might have been written to or about the Doctor up to 2015 (so up to the first third of the Capaldi era). All are related to televised stories, with the exception of a note from the First Doctor addressed to Horatio Nelson referring to the “Hordes of Betralamir”. (I’m delighted to say that this seems to have escaped other commentators.) The whole thing is gorgeously illustrated, but frankly doesn’t offer a lot of substance, and really it’s an excuse for a large selection of (very nice) stock photos with something that is barely an excuse for an illustrative narrative. I see Justin Richards as New Who’s Terrance Dicks, capable of great stuff but often churning out pot-boilers, and this is certainly at the latter end of the spectrum. You can get it here.

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  1. [360° sound versus party mode]

    Never mind telepresence, I could have used such technology for my actual presence. The convention centre’s acoustics were painful and trying to stay part of conversations left me exhausted at the end of every day. My hearing aids settings don’t really go far enough to help. This is part of why going out to dinner is so important to my enjoying big conventions, it gives me a break and a chance to relax with people.

    (this is nobody’s fault: if you want to get 10,000 people together for a convention, steel and concrete sheds are what’s on offer)

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