The travails of your fellow tenants

My office rent has been increased. Not by very much, so I don’t complain. What is a little amusing is that I realised that I was being asked to pay two invoices, one for the increased rent on my own office, and another for an office of about the same rent but with two rooftop broadcasting antennas. Which is odd, I thought, as I don’t broadcast.

Then I realised I had been sent not only my own bill but the one for ITN‘s Brussels studio, which is also in this building.

I’ll go upstairs and introduce myself now, and give them their exciting new rent invoice. (And also see if they are getting more or less space for the same money as I am paying.)

Edited to add: They weren’t in. No doubt out reporting somewhere.

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  1. despotliz says:

    I spilled yogurt on my skirt and I have a very dubious looking white stain there, if that helps you feel better?

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