The Unread Books Project

Well, I have got through the ten unread books I listed a month ago. I think roughly two of them were books that I would whole-heartedly recommend to others to read: The Color Purple and PersuasionThe Prince if you are interested in that kind of thing, as I am.

Of the others, the one I disliked most was Beloved, a grindingly awful book with no redeeming features; also less than completely satisfactory, for different reasons, were The God of Small Things and The Lovely Bones.

The System of the World, The Brothers Karamazov and Villette were all basically too long. The Brothers Karamazov came close to redeeming itself by having an interesting plot, but, like St Augustine’s Confessions, had too much theological stodge.

I may indulge in this kind of project again. If I do, it will simply be to read the top “unread” books in my LibraryThing catalogue, ranked by how many other users own them, rather than (as I did this time) by how many have marked them as unread; easier to do that way. And I shall do five rather than ten, as it should be quicker.

Now, back to my usual diet of sf and fantasy…

One thought on “The Unread Books Project

  1. Nicholas, regarding the 1973 council elections, it is as you say hard to put an exact figure on the number of Vanguard councillors, however a total of 24 councillors elected in 1973 stood for Vanguard/UUUP either then or at the 1975 Convention election or the 1977 council election.

    It’s hard to say how well it would have done at the 1977 council elections were it not for the split. VUPP, like the DUP, effectively ducked the 1973 council elections as they were a new party with little infrastructure and focused their energies on the 1973 Assembly election. The strongest branches were those in Bangor, Larne and Portadown/Craigavon, the latter of which largely went over to the UUUP. The split in 1975 led to a lot of activists throwing in their lot with the DUP or UUP, leaving the UUUP as an early equivalent of the NIUP.

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