This autobiographical meme is going round. Fill it in if you like.

  1. First Name: Nicholas – definitely not “Nick”!
  2. Age: 41
  3. Location: Belgium; work in Brussels, live some 20 km to the east.
  4. Occupation: I’m an international relations specialist. I work for an organisation that gives diplomatic advice to marginalised actors in international diplomacy.
  5. Partner?: , together since 1990, married since 1993.
  6. Kids: Three. Here is a rare picture of all three with their mother, taken two years ago. Our oldest no longer lives with us.
  7. Brothers/Sisters: One of each: and .
  8. Pets: The tadpoles! Which are growing legs. It’s all very exciting.
  9. List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life:
    1. Hoping to hold a garden party, all being well, next Saturday. (You can come if you like, but do let us know.)
    2. Anticipating small surgical procedure at end of next week.
    3. Moving to a new office on 1 July.
    4. Planning the summer holiday in Ireland.

    None of which is terribly dramatic, but I don’t mind!

  10. Where and for what did you go to school for? I translate this as “what did you study in higher education” rather than “what is the point in attending high school”. I did a BA in Natural Sciences and an M Phil in History and Philosophy of Science at Clare College, Cambridge; and a Ph D in History of Science at the Queen’s University of Belfast.
  11. Parents: My father died in 1990; my mother still lives in Dublin.
  12. Who are some of your closest friends?: Well, let’s see who comes to the aforementioned garden party next weekend…

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