Today’s numbers quiz

What pair of numbers fits next in this sequence?

  • 14, 9
  • 11, 2
  • 12, 5
  • 11, 0
  • 22, 19
  • 15, 10
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  1. drplokta says:

    It seems worth mentioning that the Hugo awards have rules specifically to avoid this conflict of interest. No member of the administering Worldcon’s committee can be nominated for a Hugo, unless the convention irrevocably delegates all authority for the Hugos to a Hugo subcommittee, in which case only members of the subcommittee are ineligible (in practice, this is what always happens). Their partners are eligible though, and I guess if a Hugo subcommittee member ran a publishing house then the books that they publish would be eligible, since the nomination would be for the author and not for the publisher.

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