I got 188 out of 200 on the Schmies Vocabulary Test (thanks to via ). The twelve I got wrong :

tautology/pleonasm – OK I should have known;
gnomic/pithy – I think my answer is right and theirs wrong;
agrypnia/insomnia – never heard of agrypnia;
nimiety/paucity – never heard of nimiety;
precocial/altricial – never heard of either;
cunctator/procrastinator – never heard of a cunctator;
melancholic/antithalian – never heard of antithalian;
trefa/kosher – I’m not a specialist in that area;
shut/dehisce – de-what?
litotes/meiosis – OK I should have got that right;
extended/compendious – I think my answer is right and theirs wrong;
fuliginous/brilliant – obviously I misremembered my Gene Wolfe.

OK, has anyone out there actually ever come across the words agrypnia, nimiety, precocial, altricial, cunctator, antithalian, or dehisce in print?

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  1. As to the “not using wifi” problem, I think I would get an old-fashioned wired Ethernet hub and connect that up to the modem, then plug both computers into there.

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