Wikipedia disgraces itself

has been blocked from editing WikiPedia, accused of being a “sock-puppet” on, as far as I can tell, no evidence at all, and certainly without following WikiPedia’s own due procedures. My own evidence, from having known the guy for thirteen years, is that he is very far from being a figment of anyone’s imagination. However, when attempted to point this out to WikiPedia, guess what? He got blocked as well.

It’s all very well having an open system for adding to the compilation of human knowledge, but this sort of harassment and bullying should not be part of WikiPedia’s style and it is disgraceful that the safeguards appear to be inadequate.

I will happily risk my own editing privileges if that is necessary to get off the hook, but I shouldn’t even be in the position of having to make that calculation.

One thought on “Wikipedia disgraces itself

  1. Aegon’s there to Perkin Warbeck Dorne so it splits between Trystane-Mrycella and Aegon-Ariane supporters who wipe each other out while Jon Connington’s super-virulent Greyscale takes out the rest. Dorne has to be taken off the board for the rest of the story to play out.

    The baby’s Aegon’s death’s facelessness allows Martin to Princes in the Tower him.

    There were Blackfyre Targ legimated bastards in Essos, whose backstory, along with the guy in the tree Bran meets in the Dunk and Egg novellas.

    Melisandre is right at hand to bring Jon back after he pops into Ghost for a rest, so I think he’s only comic book dead.

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