A successful raid

I escaped from the Dungeon of Nhw!

I killed Djm4 the mind flayer, Alarielle the orc, Nmg the kobold, Tylluan Dawel the mind flayer, Jdigital the leprechaun, Thette the dragon, Tamaranth the giant spider, Inner Storm the leprechaun, Ajshepherd the rat, Dougs the gelatinous cube, Luned the kobold, Rfmcdpei the goblin, Major Clanger the leprechaun, Scott Lynch the zombie, Coth the floating eye and Mr Trappist the rat.

I looted the Shield of Loveandgarbage, the Sword of Sugarimp, the Wand of Butterbee, the Wand of Tnh, the Sword of Mizkit, the Axe of Swisstone, the Dagger of Alexmc, the Armour of Bopeepsheep, the Sword of Abkhazia, the Amulet of Irish Sf News, a Figurine of Smhwpf and 372 gold pieces.

Score: 447

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