August Books 8) Bad Therapy, by Matthew Jones

I very much enjoyed Beyond the Sun, Jones’ contribution to the Bernice Summerfield range, and I enjoyed this book too: the Seventh Doctor and Chris, still grieving the loss of Roz, land in 1950s Soho, and are involved in a series of murders taking them through the hidden worlds of organised crime and homosexuality, and rather unexpectedly reuniting the Doctor with Peri Brown. Chris gets some very good bits of story for a change, and this is one of the better of the various confusing endings for Peri.

It’s only on reflection now that I realise it shares a major element with Michael Coney’s Brontomek! – the artificial life forms which adapt to appear like the person desired or needed by the human whom they adopt – but the two books are otherwise so difference that I guess this is a complete coincidence.

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