Bias and dhimmitude

Reaction to my BBC interview about the riots in Kosovo:

From: Xxxx
Sent: 18 March 2004 03:55
To: Nicholas Whyte
Subject: Your BBC Kosovo appearance- Bias and dhimmitude

Mr Whyte,

You sound like a Dhimmi(Jihadi appeaser) when you blame the Serbs. The Muslims already got a separate country- Kosovo. It seems that is not enough. Now they want to drive out the Serbs by terrorizing them. Shooting the Serb boy first was the initial step in this plan.

The Islamist can’t coexist anywhere- be it Balkans, Palestine, Kashmir, Philippines or Russia. Have you seen what happened to minorities in these regions. The pattern is obvious to everybody except apologists like you. Give Islamist a finger, then they want your entire arm.

Pansy spineless Britishers like you are the big reason for global terrorism. You appease and embolden these Islamist thugs. People like you have already handed UK to these thugs. Leave the honorable Serbs alone.

Have you ever thought of converting to Islam and ending this charade ? Or your Dhimmi masters in the NGO prefer a British Christian do their talking. I bet they love you.

They love the ‘weak and the meek’, but hate the ‘brave and the free’.


My reply:

Dear Mr Xxxx,

I’m sorry that you didn’t catch my condemnation of the violence and my characterisation of the Serbian government’s reaction as “restrained”. It was only a short interview, but perhaps it was still too long for your concentration span.


Nicholas Whyte

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  1. it would probably help to know at least a little about who Clough, Leeds etc are, but I think it will stand up anyway.
    (couldn’t get into Tokyo Year Zero though)

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