A momentous day: the Wii proclaims that I am no longer obese, having crossed the magic boundary that lies somewhere between 78 and 77 kg for people of my height. Also my Wii Fit age this morning was a sprightly 33 (though that’s not far outside the usual range of late 30s, itself gratifying for a 42-year-old; and I once got a readout of 26).

Since recovering from my back problems of early June, I’ve been doing a Wii session most days before breakfast. I normally do two sets of paired routines from the Yoga and Muscle menus, then one of the rather dull and lengthy Aerobics routines, and finish with a Balance Game, which takes altogether 20-30 minutes. For each menu I start by picking one of the routines I have done least, to ensure variety.

My one complaint about the Yoga routines (and to a lesser extent the Muscle Workouts) is that you can’t always see the TV screen to get important information without wracking your neck. Admittedly my habit of doing the exercises while listening to Doctor Who audios means I can’t always hear the instructions, which is hardly their fault, but in any case the sound does not always cover for the visuals.

The Balance Games are the most varied and also the ones I am worst at. The very first one, heading the oncoming footballs, I simply cannot do; this morning’s rather lousy score of 39 is my pathetic personal best. Likewise the penguin slide leaves my poor little avatar looking rather hungry. (I am bad at the skiing ones as well, but the footballs and fish are more graphic indicators of my poor coordination.) However I love doing the Table Tilt, which seems to play more to my skills.

I see that there is an advanced version coming out in a few months: we will certainly get it. Young F is rather competitive and gloats whenever he knocks me off the top spot for one of the exercises. I indulge him; I can afford to be tolerant.

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  1. feorag says:

    The NI Conservatives stuff looks so much like why the Tories are minority party in Scotland. Do they not actually learn, ever?

    I also found that I had told Google not to keep my search history anyway, and they insist they haven’t. To be sure, I do most of my searching in a browser which is never logged into my Google account and which refuses their cookies.

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