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From the daily news summaries I get from Macedonia, courtesy of NATO:

Danish Pop Star Claims Macedonian President Wanted to See Her Breasts

The British magazine “Maxim” in its latest issue publishes an interview with the Danish pop-star Whigfield, who claims that she sang for the Macedonian president. “I received a phone call from a guy who worked for the Macedonian president. He wanted Samantha Fox to sing for him, but she refused, so I went. We landed at his palace and during my performance, one of his aides asked me: ‘The President wants to know when you are going to take off your bra’. It turned out they didn’t have the courage to tell him that Samantha Fox didn’t show up so he thought I was her. I don’t have large breasts, so I said: ‘Tell the president to go to hell, I am not showing them'”. In her interview, Whigfield doesn’t say when this happened.

Source: Vest (Macedonian daily), 29 December 2003

Other versions of the story here and here.

I have to say it seems most unlikely to me that this story is about the clean-living Methodist local preacher who is currently President of Macedonia, and has been since 1999; if memory serves me right Whigfield hasn’t had a hit since 1995. It also seems a bit unlikely (though perhaps not impossible) that it’s about Kiro Gligorov, who was president from 1990 until 1999, given that he was born in 1919 and unlikely to be much troubled by impure thoughts about Whigfield or Samantha Fox. But the killer detail is her mention of the “royal palace” (not in the version quoted above but in both the links). There is no official presidential (or ex-royal) palace in Macedonia; the Presidency offices are actually a set of corridors in the parliament building. So I suspect it was actually a different president in a different country, or just possibly the story is entirely fictional and linked with Whigfield’s current relaunch of her career.

The Macedonian translation suggests that Whigfield was shy about showing the President her breasts purely because she thought they were too small to be exposed to the presidential gaze. The other two versions of the story both imply (more believably) that she was offended by the request. Funny how cultures differ on these things…

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