I’ve written before about Mini-Europe, the attraction up at the Heysel stadium where famous buildings from all over the European Union are reproduced in miniature. Obviously since last year they’ve had to rearrange the display while introducing new exhibits for the ten new member states, and Anne’s brother had managed to wangle an invitation to the formal opening of the new Maltese exhibit this morning.

Unfortunately it proved impossible to get key members of our party ready in time for the formal event, but we went along to Mini-Europe anyway, and I got a few decent pictures:

F turning the wheel that makes the Kinderdijk windmills turn and the water pour into the canal.

The new Latvian exhibit – I’ve never been to Riga but apparently this is the Freedom Memorial, looks pretty spectacular.

The ostensible reason why we should have been there, the new Maltese exhibit, prehistoric temples.

Ah well, back to work tomorrow – but Thursday is a day off!

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