My year on Twitter, by @nwbrux

Since my last roundup on 23 December last year, I appear to have perpetrated 3,337 tweets and gained 769 followers, leaping from 1,625 to 2,394 (of which 250 were gained in the last two weeks of May, during my appearances on BBC Northern Ireland's election broadcasts).

My most retweeted was this, which I'm sorry to say some people took seriously:

It was retweeted by 53 people, including comedian Mitch Benn who doesn't actually follow me.

Second most retweeted was this at 46, which also got the most replies (17):

Er, yes.

The immigration post also scored the second highest number of potential impressions (ie adding up all the followers of everyone who retweeeted it) at 85,341. The winner of that category, however, was this tweet of a Slate article which was in turn picked up by Slate's own twitter feed of more than 1.2 million followers:

I use CrowdBooster to measure these, by the way; it's not expensive and provides me plenty of amusement and enlightenment.