October 2016 books

This is the latest post in a series I started in late 2019, anticipating the twentieth anniversary of my bookblogging which will fall in 2023. Every six-ish days, I’ve been revisiting a month from my recent past, noting work and family developments as well as the books I read in that month. I’ve found it a pleasantly cathartic process, especially in recent circumstances. If you want to look back at previous entries, they are all tagged under bookblog nostalgia.

A fair bit of travel that month, with an unsuccessful work trip to Berlin followed by a more successful work trip to London. My (second) godson’s christening helpfully coincided with a convention in Dublin.

I also had a Whovian encounter in Gent.

And the month ended with a reunion in Cambridge. Little did we know…

I read only eight books that month.

Non-fiction: 1 (YTD 33)
SPQR, by Mary Beard

Fiction (non-sf): 2 (YTD 27)
Seventeen, by Booth Tarkington
Valley of the Dolls, by Jacqueline Susann

sf (non-Who): 2 (YTD 73)
Winter Song, by Colin Harvey
Songs of the Dying Earth: Stories in honour of Jack Vance, eds. George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois

Doctor Who, etc: 3 (YTD 36)
Short Trips: The Solar System, ed. Gary Russell
Companion Piece, by Robert Perry and Mike Tucker
The Joy Device, by Justin Richards

2,500 pages (YTD 55,600 pages)
2/8 (YTD 59/191) by women (Beard, Susann)
0/8 (YTD 12/191) by PoC

Liked SPQR, which you can get here, and Songs of the Dying Earth, which you can get here; didn’t care for Companion Piece, which you can get here, or The Joy Device, which you can get here.

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