Years meme

20 years ago:
1. I was in long-distance love with S. (me in Belfast, her in Ponteland)
2. I was playing postal Diplomacy (my first serious fandom)
3. I was the Secretary of the Irish Astronomical Association

15 years ago:
1. I had just split up with C.
2. I had an on-off relationship with H.
3. I was having a miserable time as Deputy President of Cambridge University Studens Union

10 years ago:
1. Anne and I had been married for just over a year
2. We were living in a rented flat on the Malone Road in Belfast
3. I was the Alliance Party’s central Director of Elections

5 years ago:
1. Fergal had been born a few months earlier
2. Though we didn’t realise it, Bridget (then aged two) was going through an autistic regression and losing her ability to talk
3. We were settling into life in Belgium and my work in Brussels

3 years ago:
1. I told our chief executive that our new press officer was useless, and he should get rid of her, give me a raise and let me do her job as well as my own; and he bought it
2. I was the keynote speaker at a conference on implementing the Macedonian peace agreement organised by the Swiss government
3. We had moved to Oud-Heverlee to be near Bridget’s school in Leuven.

1 year ago:
1. Ursula was nearly a year old
2. I was watching four political crises climax almost simultaneously – the Kozak affair in Moldova, and the elections in Georgia, Croatia and Northern Ireland
3. I was staring to update livejournal regularly

1. I drove from Brussels to Geneva
2. I had a grotty tandoori chicken sandwich for lunch
3. I had a much nicer dinner which I was just in time for.

1. I spent all day at our board meeting, Nothing else.

1. I will drive back from Geneva to Brussels
2. I hope to send critiques of my three stories from Critters this week
3. I hope to watch my regular Monday diet of University Challenge and Mastermind with Anne.

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  1. steve_mollmann says:

    I just finished The First Wave. Not as good as The Cold Equations, but still excellent. You’re right about the lack of plot, but I never felt then when I was listening, only when I paused or finished the story. It’s much more a story about themes and ideas, anyway.

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